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Sports Management

Johannesburg South Africa

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We offer sports management internships across our beautiful and diverse country, South Africa. Learn new skills by working alongside experienced professionals in sports media, sports marketing, sports PR, sports event planning, and sports management. This is an ideal way to gain work experience if you’re passionate about sport and are considering a career in any of these fields. These internship opportunities will improve your resume for future study applications or jobs and expose you to an exciting new culture of sports in our sports-loving nation. This is a great opportunity for personal development, as you develop workplace skills, work with clients, meet deadlines and build confidence.

Sport is almost South Africa’s national religion – it transcends race, politics, and cultural groups and unites the country in a way that little else does. For many young disadvantaged South Africans sport is a way to avoid street time and criminal activity. It is an essential part of the DNA of the country, which makes South Africa an exceptionally exciting place to which to a sports management internship.

South Africa is a land of sporting opportunities and home to world-class sporting facilities capable of accommodating tens of thousands of spectators in comfort. There’s every form of summer sport you can expect from a country with a surplus of sunshine and wide-open space – from horse-riding, volleyball, rock climbing, mountain biking, canoeing to the country’s most famous sports, golf, surfing, tennis, rugby, cricket, swimming, hockey and soccer/football. South Africa has bred world champions among its swimmers, surfers, athletes, golfers, boxers, gymnasts, tennis players, and more.

Internships within sports management include the following fields:

  • Sports Media

  • Sports Marketing

  • Sports Management