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Human Resources

We source human resources internships in leading companies across the country. Human resources are viewed as one of the fundamental departments of a business as it is responsible for further enhancing the learning and development of its employees. HR internships involve active participation in the recruitment process and management of a company’s most important resource: its staff. Interns will play a crucial role in the recruitment of CEOs and top executives, program evaluation, management, and more at international human resources internships.

You could intern with numerous blue-chip companies or small businesses that will give you the chance to learn first-hand from top industry professionals. We also offer professional HR internships in elite head-hunting companies in some of the most competitive industries in SA.


We focus on providing internship providers with talented, driven individuals who are willing to fully take advantage of what an international internship will give them.


Responsibilities include:

  • Proofreading job listings and vetting resumes and cover letters

  • Arranging interviews, meetings and liaising with several parties

  • Drafting internal policies and working on compensation projects

Johannesburg South Africa

How It Works

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Send your CV

To apply email your CV to our Admissions Board for preliminary vetting.

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Pass Vetting

If you qualify, we'll get back to you within 7 days with next steps to induction.

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Induction & Interviews

Pay the R350 program fee to  begin induction training and attend interviews.

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