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OrangLight offers marketing internships within a wide range of sectors.  Opportunities exist within the marketing divisions of large corporations, marketing/PR agencies, non-profits and NGOs, social enterprises, startups, and entrepreneurial enterprises.  Marketing internships abroad with OrangLight will give you the experience you need to build on your existing skills, learn new ones and contribute to your host organization by engaging in relevant and impactful projects.

An overview of marketing internships

Marketing internships abroad across South Africa are in high demand because companies and NGOs always have a need for interns with a marketing specialization. Whether you would like to apply our knowledge within a more traditional corporate environment or at a grassroots NGO, we will find you an internship where you will have a very active role of responsibilities. Marketing internships are best suited to candidates that are studying marketing, communications PR, media or advertising or have some industry experience in these fields.

Interns will participated in the following activities:

  • Managing the social media and online reputation of your host organization

  • Designing marketing strategies and reports

  • Working with the SEO/ web marketing division of a company

  • Work at an advertising agency

  • Working with a website optimization team

  • Events planning and functions

  • Writing weekly newsletters

  • Creating/managing videos and films that market the company

The benefits of doing a marketing internship

Experiential learning— Learn from the example of established industry professionals as you complete projects and tasks at your internship site.

Exposure to a new marketing culture— Study marketing strategies that are unique to South Africa.

Manage a diverse role of responsibilities— Marketing internships are often very busy and dynamic positions that will allow you to participate in a variety of different projects.

Learn how to source clients and make sales— Many of our marketing internship positions are located at smaller companies where you will be supervised by the director or founder of the organization. Through access to company leadership, you will learn about the business aspects of the marketing industry.

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How It Works

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Induction & Interviews

Pay the R350 program fee to  begin induction training and attend interviews.

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