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Political Science

Johannesburg South Africa

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South Africa is a dream destination for a political science internship.  The country is only two decades removed from the turbulent era of Apartheid and many of its citizens maintain vivid memories of the country’s dark political past. Today’s “New South Africa” is guided by a progressive constitution that is considered to be among the most free-and-fair constitutions in the world. A political science internship in South Africa will give you a first-hand look at the current climate of South African contemporary politics and the issues facing a young democracy. Your internship will also allow you to participate in the policy debates that will help determine the future of South Africa.

What can you expect from a political science internship?


You will receive first-hand experience in politics and policy development while interning at a government department, policy institute, or NGO. Past political science internships have included the following areas of academic focus:

  • Law and Justice

  • Public Policy

  • Political Analysis

  • Political Campaigns and Elections

  • Legislative Research

  • Community Outreach and Political Awareness

  • Political Advocacy

The Benefits of a Political Science Internship:

  • A first-hand look at world of politics: We are able to place clients in professional positions within SA’s parliament and government agencies that will give you first-hand experience in government operations and relations.

  • Build your Portfolio: The political science field can be an extremely competitive field. Experience can be integral to start and effective career in politics. Students can build their CV’s.