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About Us

South Africa has the highest youth unemployment rate in the world which includes over 6 million unemployed graduates. You, like hundreds of thousands of fresh graduates who enter the job market every year, graduated with high hopes of achieving independence and helping out financially at home, yet, because you lack experience, you ended up unemployed or working a dead end job that has nothing to do with the qualification you spent 4 years and over R160 000 to attain.

For this reason we founded OrangLight, an internship program that helps South African students and graduates like you land internships and entry level jobs in their chosen field across South Africa. We do this by teaching you high- demand skills to add to your qualification that will ensure that you are sought after by employers in your chosen field no matter the state of the economy or unemployment rate, allowing you to experience true job security.



We tailor a bespoke internship placement for each candidate because we believe that every individual's talent must be cultivated and harnessed in building the nation we envision: an inclusive and just society where one's character, value, and diligence alone determine one's future. Internships include but are not limited to the following fields:

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Business & Finance

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Human Resources

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Information Technology

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Marketing Internships

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Media, Film, & Photography

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Sports Management

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Counseling & Psychology

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Political Science

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Journalism Internships


Program Fee & Benefits

Our program fee of  R350 includes the following benefits:




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Induction training in high- demand skills that every employer needs.

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Online interviews with employers in your chosen field anywhere across SA.

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On going career guidance, coaching, placement, and networking opportunities.


Answers to your burning questions

Why join an internship program?

Are you struggling to get job experience because you don't have job experience? This is called the "experience dilemma" and you're not alone! Statistics show that most graduates never find employment in their field of study, lack of experience keeps companies from employing them. Internship programs help get candidates in the door to their chosen careers by providing creative career solutions to firms that provide internships.

Why source your internship through OrangLight?

Our candidates are in high- demand with leading employers due to our induction training program where we will teach you high-demand skills that will have employers swooning over you. Our aim is to give you the ultimate security that will give you peace of mind knowing that you are in high demand regardless of the economy and the unemployment rate.

Why we charge a program fee?

In accordance with industry norms, and to ensure your timely placement, we do not charge the charities, NGOs, startups, government departments, non-profits, small businesses, and other organizations we place you in. Therefore of necessity we charge a program fee of R350 to cover the costs of running this internship program.

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